Now you can help children with cancer while doing your daily cleaning chores AlEn’s cleaning products help consumers attain a better quality of life at home, while also assisting in improving the quality of life for many children with cancer through the Activation Program.


AlEn USA is the North American subsidiary of one of the most recognized companies in the household cleaning products category in Mexico: Industrias AlEn S.A de C.V. Since its beginning in 1949, Industrias AlEn S.A de C.V. has pioneered the development of well-known consumer brands that have been able to breed strong heritage in the Mexican market. Brands such as Cloralen® (the #1 bleach in Mexico) and Pinol® (the #1 Heavy Duty cleaner in Mexico) were the first products in their class to hit the Mexican market and to sustain relevance and leadership after 50 years. Now, with more than 3,000 employees, five manufacturing plants, a product catalog of over 500 skus and an overall market leadership, Industrias AlEn S.A. de C.V. will seek to replicate its success in the North American market, specially with the growing Hispanic population.


The mission of Clean To Cure is to find a cure for childhood cancer by providing financial support for some of the country’s and the world’s leading pediatric cancer researchers. The results of the cutting-edge research are shared with physicians around the world and benefit the children under their care. .

The need for support in childhood cancer research is astounding. So how do we turn the lights out on childhood cancer? By educating others about how research is working, how children are fighting, sharing their stories, connecting communities, and more. Everyone has been affected by cancer in some way. How have you been affected, and how can you turn that experience into something tangible to help battle childhood cancer?

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